Stackoverflow has too much controll over my question freedom

As a programmer ,Its quite often to encounter problems that’s holding your works back , we’re all used to it. But once in a while ,some major shit will come out and keeps you struggling for hours or even days.

You always research the hell out of it before you give up and put your last hope on the community help, because getting community help is not a piece of cake, especially when it comes to Stackoverflow. Because you don’t have enough reputation and even worse — -you don’t know the rules.

Yes, the RULES! It’s like a desperately hungry person have to learn the table manners before entering almost the only doable restaurant in the town. It’s not just some recommended but not forced guidelines, but something you must obey, otherwise, your question got immediately downvoted to a negative count and won’t be displayed.Rules like:

Question should not be duplicated , even you know it’s not, or you just don’t know with which question you’re duplicated to, they downvoted it .

Question should be pure technical under some tags , but you may found you have a very different understanding with the downvoters in terms of technical.

Over the time as a beginner on Stackoverflow, all I got was “This question has been put on hold”, “Marked as duplicate”, “Not clear enough”and so much more!

After you finally posted the question, I myself only got 25% questions has some response(not answer). Why? In my case, my question is Individual and of no discussion value, it’s only matters for me an my project, And as a beginner, I don’t have reputation to put a bounty on my question.

Although Stackoverflow is still a great question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers, but getting an answer is a gamble here.

I Just Want Solution!

It’s been years since I have been looking for some place that meet these needs:

  1. I should be totally in charge of my MayBeDuplicated-IThinkItsClearEnough-TechnicalOrNot-ItsNoneOfYourBusiness-ItsMyPrecious-Question!

2. And also, I should be able to draw enough experts to answer the question by putting out a straight forward cash bounty without going through the whole trouble of earning reputations or some other virtual currency. If my question is not answered, only the bounty amount should be blamed.

But we found none. So, me and my pals built We will put our coming questions on the site, answer that please! you’re more then welcome to visit and post question too, that would be a great honour for us! We will personally make our best efforts to find experts to answer your question (as long as you bounty can impress them).

This may not be enough, but let’s wait and see!